Young Innovation Leaders YIL Fellowship 2023 Global Edition

Application Deadline: Jan 31, 2023

Young Innovation Leaders YIL Fellowship 2023 Global Edition

Application for the Young Innovation Leaders YIL Fellowship 2023 is now open! Embrace the most amazing opportunity to become a social innovation leader. The programme is specifically for those who consider themselves outstanding and possess exceptional talents. This application is open to persons from all parts of the world.

The Y.I.L Fellowship is a four-month annual leadership immersion programme in innovation management designed to empower young professionals to attain their ultimate career dreams and inspire innovation in their spheres. Its chief aim is to unleash human potential and scale up excellence.

The Y.I.L Fellowship is structured to operate in two stages. First is the fellowship: a challenging but rewarding four-month programme focused on training in leadership and innovation management. Second is the membership: mentorship and continuous personal development. The Y.I.L Fellowship is entirely free.


Selection is important. We select ANYONE who has demonstrated seed of excellence in them. To him who is faithful in little, more is given.


Training is key. We provide training on life skills and innovation management to participants. We teach them to approach problems using the APE (Abundance, Possibility, and Empowerment) lens.


Through a well-structured mentorship programme, passion and purpose are sustained in fellows. We discover the power of apprenticeship in success attainment.

Insightful modules that will be covered in the lectures include:

  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making:
  • Design Thinking for Innovation
  • Innovating with the Business Model Canvas

  • Managing Social and Human Capital

  • Digital Product Management

  • Innovation for Enterpreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace

  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation

  • Techniques and Tools for Success

  • Innovation Leadership

Other aspects of the curriculum will include: plenary sessions with industry captains, fireside chats with experts, and demonstration of skills and leadership workshops with expert facilitators.

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