Women Techsters Fellowship Application 2024 Class

Women Techsters Fellowship Application 2024 Class

Women Techsters Fellowship is a 1-year virtual learning program delivered through 6 months of intensive training, a 6-month internship and enrollment into a mentorship program to equip women with skills to build tech careers and tech-enabled businesses. Multiple cohorts will be executed over a 12-month timeline using standardized learning curriculums across the selected learning tracks for the next ten years.

The Women Techsters Fellowship is a highly competitive program, admitting only the top 3% of applicants. The Fellowship program will commence in September 2023 and run for a 1-year period. The first 6 months is a virtual technical and soft skills training, while the last 6 months are dedicated to experiential learning (Internship) or business incubation and mentorship.

Kindly note that technical and soft skills are pre-requisite to accessing internship and mentorship opportunities in the Women Techsters Fellowship Program.

We are rooting for you as you kickstart a very critical step in commencing your journey as a woman in tech, and we earnestly look forward to receiving and reviewing your application.

P.S. Do not submit multiple entries (more than one entry), as this would lead to your application being disqualifiedAlso, note that when you click on the submit button, it leads you to a response page that states your application has been received by the Selection Committee and you will be contacted on your application status upon review completion.

To aid your application process, we have created an application guide.

Kindly click on this link https://bit.ly/WTFellowshipApplicationGuide to access the guide before proceeding to submit your application.