Windhoek International School (WIS) Education Assistants (EAs) Recruitment 2023

Deadline: 30th April 2023.

Windhoek International School (WIS) Education Assistants (EAs) Recruitment 2023

Windhoek International School (WIS) is hiring two Education Assistants (EAs) with a 1st August 2023 start date.

Primary Educational Assistant

Job Description

Job Title: Primary Educational 

Appointed by: Educational Director

Reporting To: Primary Principal 

General responsibilities

  1. To implement established routines for staff and students. To ensure that the flow of information functions according to the lines of communication
  2. To observe, advise and assist colleagues. To be a resource and support for members of the Primary School.
  3. To set a specific year level academic direction, motivate and support all students.
  4. Be a Communicator
  5. To promote inclusion, collaboration and collegiality.
  6. To promote school integrity and identity.

Definition: AN EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT is an assistant who supports a teacher in the classroom and assists with planning and implementation of the curriculum.

Specific Responsibilities of the Primary Educational Assistant:

The primary role of all the assistants is to assist the teacher and support the teaching during all classroom and specialist lessons as required. This support falls in three main categories;

  • supporting the teacher and teaching
  • supporting the curriculum
  • supporting the school

Primary Educational Assistants will:

  1. follow and understand the PYP Curriculum;
  2. teach basic English and Mathematics;
  3. address and teach the whole class if required to do so if assigned to a homeroom;
  4. develop a sense of self worth in students through praise and encouragement;
  5. support the teaching through inclusion;
  6. support the teaching by developing students’ social skills;
  7. develop good behaviour and attitudes in the students;
  8. being a good role model;
  9. teach the whole class in the absence of the HRT;
  10. support students with specific learning difficulty;
  11. understand the IB Learner Profile and how it is used throughout the school to describe desirable behaviours amongst our students;
  12. encourage students to become more independent learners;
  13. attend Parent / Teacher Student Conferences after school;
  14. open classrooms at 07:00, greet parents and welcome students, whilst teachers are at their morning meeting;
  15. attend break time duties as per the break duty roster around the school on a weekly basis;
  16. assisting in planning includes working after school hours;
  17. perform duties in the collation of the materials, stocktaking and organization of resources and materials as needed. This can be scheduled either during non-contact periods or after school;
  18. communicate clearly and openly with the learning support staff and homeroom teachers;
  19. be open-minded, willing and ready to learn;
  20. respect confidentiality (especially where students and parents are concerned);
  21. support all the school policies;
  22. deliver one extra-curricular activity per week for the duration of the year;
  23. substituting for teacher absence;
  24. read, understand and follow the emergency procedures as set out on documents displayed in every classroom;
  25. report all accidents involving students during class time or break time to the teacher immediately after becoming aware of the accident;
  26. complete an incident report and ensure any injured students are handed over to the school nurse;
  27. support class assemblies and contribute to Primary School Productions;
  28. take direct responsibility for the welfare of the students in the class while sharing responsibility for all students;
  29. ensure that classroom displays are updated regularly so that they reflect the work the students are currently undertaking. The displays should be of a standard whichunderscores and enhances the learning environment within the classroom and promotes Best Practice at WIS;
    1. support the homeroom teacher to maintain records for each student – assessing work as laid down and ensuring that assessments inform the curriculum;
    2. inform the Homeroom Teacher, Primary Coordinator or Primary Principal of any parental concerns;
    3. attend Parents Evening, staff meetings, internal PD days, school events and those organized by the the school  specifically for the students if needed;
    4. distribute tests and homework assignments, and collect on completion;
    5. mark and assess homework, record results and assist HRT’s to keep assessment current;
    6. assist students in specialist lessons as needed or required by Specialist teachers;
    7. follow classroom routines as set by the HRT for daily jobs connected to the operation and cleanliness of the classroom and teaching programme;
    8. be an effective member of the Primary Team.

Performance Appraisal and Performance-Based Professional Development Funding 

EAs who complete the above job description with exemplary performance and who further contribute to the school’s learning objectives are eligible to receive PD funds to further their educational qualifications and professional growth.

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