University of Waterloo Entrepreneurial PHD Fellowship Program 2022

Deadline: July 18, 2022.

University of Waterloo Entrepreneurial PHD Fellowship Program 2022

Applications for the University of Waterloo Entrepreneurial PHD Fellowship Program 2022 are now open and will close on July 18, 2022.The University of Waterloo is awarding Entrepreneurial Ph.D. Fellowships to support outstanding, business-minded Waterloo doctoral students who are interested in commercializing their research.

Successful fellowship applicants will be enrolled in the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business’ Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) part-time program. Recipients can complete the three-year part-time program alongside their regular doctoral studies, tuition-free.

Up to ten fellowships will be awarded for September 2022 including four for Engineering students, two for Science students, and one each for Arts, Environment, Health and Math students. Normally, domestic tuition for the program would total almost $35,000.

Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET)

MBET is intended to help students develop their entrepreneurial business skills and to anchor learning in their own planned and evolving ventures.

Students pursuing a part-time MBET at Waterloo who have engaged and helpful supervisors will be in an exceptional position to achieve ground-breaking success. With the help of the Conrad School faculty, Waterloo’s unmatched coaching and support system, and the pursuit of commercializing their research, students will develop entrepreneurial mindsets, frameworks, and business skills.

For the right motivated students, the three-year part-time MBET program is compatible with full-time doctoral studies and is taught on Friday evenings and Saturdays approximately every three weeks for ten months of the year. A requirement for consideration is the advisors’ support of the applicants.

Selection and requirements

Competition for the Entrepreneurial Ph.D. Fellowships is fierce. By August 31st, current Waterloo Ph.D. students must have finished at least one year of doctoral study.

Step 1

Interested candidates must submit the following information for consideration:

  • completed online application,
  • current Curriculum Vitae (CV), and
  • a letter of interest.

Step 2

Once the application with the required documents has been received, the Conrad School Graduate office will request:

  • an online interview to be completed by the candidate, and
  • a letter of support from the supervisor identified on the application form.


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