Unisa Pretoria May-June 2022 Exam Results Released

Unisa Pretoria May-June 2022 Exam Results Released

Unisa Pretoria has began issuing exam results to students who took the university’s just completed May/June 2022 exam. The method for people who could have missed the exam is outlined here, along with how they can access them.

The University of South Africa has officially confirmed that the May/June exams are over and that the process of publishing exam results has started as the second semester of the 2022 academic year gets underway.

“The institution has started releasing the May/June 2022 exam results over time. By July 13, 2022, we expect the majority of the marks to be made available”.

Before July 31, 2022, students must submit an application to buy or have their exam scripts commented. Applications for remarking should be sent to [email protected]. Students can order their scripts by sending an email to [email protected]. Additionally, they must put their student ID number in the subject line.

The Assessment Policy was updated by Unisa to include a new clause that automatically grants first-time undergraduate exam takers in a module a second opportunity to repeat the exam.

According to the aforementioned provisions, a student who attempted a module’s exam for the first time during the May/June 2022 online examinations and failed or failed to appear for the May/June 2022 examinations has been given a second chance to sit for the examinations in October/November 2022, according to Unisa.

The student who is offered a second chance to take the test must pay a set cost. Students should consult the Unisa student guidelines in this circumstance.

Aegrotat applications will only be made available to post-graduate students who missed their initial opportunity to write their online exam, according to Unisa. This also holds true for students who were unable to finish their online tests because of unanticipated events like load shedding, network issues, unfortunate family events, etc.

Furthermore, Unisa has disclosed that it employs three proctoring techniques for its exams. The students were warned not to utilize the proctoring tools or their exam results would be lost. Such pupils would have gotten a “exam script denied” exam result.

In the test period of October and November 2022, a student who took a module exam for the first time but did not utilize one of the permitted proctoring tools will be offered a second chance to take the exam.

Students who retook an exam for a module who were not among those who wrote it the first time and did not use one of the permitted proctoring methods must reregister for that module.