Uefa Foundation Call for projects 2022 for Project which Seek to Promote Children’s Fundamental Rights Across the World

Deadline: 31 July 2022

Uefa Foundation Call for projects 2022 for Project which Seek to Promote Children’s Fundamental Rights Across the World

The Uefa Foundation for Children launches its call for projects which seek to promote children’s fundamental rights across the world.

This call for projects 2022 is aimed at any organisation that shares the values of the UEFA foundation and proposes practical measures to help children, in the areas of access to sport, health, education, employment, personal development and supporting vulnerable children.

Eligibility criteria

The UEFA Foundation for Children will examine and evaluate each project.

The final decision on the selection of projects will be taken by the board of trustees in accordance with the foundation’s statutes and ethics code.

Project criteria

Projects will be assessed at two levels:

  • Institutional level
  • Project level

There are two types of criteria at each level:

Deal-breakers – These are compulsory criteria: if the organisation or project does not fulfil these, the project will be rejected.

Weighted – These criteria will be used to assess the relative value of the project and enable us to rank it overall.

The funding provided by the UEFA Foundation for Children is not predetermined, but it must be proportional to the
size of the project. Co-funding is encouraged.


1) Institutional

  • Legal identity – The organisation must be recognised by institutional partners or have been registered for at
    least three years.
  • Missing approved and published audits or financial reports for the last three years
  • Non respect of the values and principles set out in the foundation’s ethics code

2) Project

  • Activities not involving a majority of children under 18
  • Activities not involving at least 20% girls
  • Projects primarily aimed at scouting, training or promoting young talent are excluded


1) Institutional

  • Level of administrative costs
  • Level of co-funding

2) Project

  • Number of beneficiaries
  • Focus on children
  • Children’s age range
  • Level of girls’ participation
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Inclusion of sports activities
  • Environmental considerations
  • Account taken of the local socio-economic situation
  • General project context
  • Relevance of projects to needs
  • Collaboration with institutional partners
  • Medium and long-term sustainability of activities
  • Integration of local minorities and people of all abilities


Candidates will be notified of the progress of their application by the end of 2022.

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