The Para–Real New Design Congress 2022 Freelance Video Editor

Deadline: June 6, 2022 @ 23:59 CEST.

The Para–Real New Design Congress 2022 Freelance Video Editor

The New Design Congress seeks a Freelance Video Editor for immediate start to work with us on SEASON 01 of THE PARA-REAL: Finding the Future in Unexpected Places, a livestream series about internet subcultures building livelihoods in spite of economic hostility and platform exploitation.

About the role – The Para–Real New Design Congress 2022 Freelance Video Editor

We’re looking for a video editor to support the production of the first season of the Para-Real. Working in collaboration with New Design Congress, ReclaimFutures and C/O Berlin, you will be compiling recorded material and editing 12 episodes for a series broadcast starting June 2022 and continuing over the course of 8-12 months. Each PARA-REAL episode will be approximately 45 minutes in length.

You’ll need to have experience in producing VOD content from pre-recorded production sessions and ensuring video and sound is prepared appropriately for broadcast on streaming platforms. This is not a full time project, rather a series of 12 short production cycles, one for each episode. Although the series has a generous schedule, you will need to have a well-defined workflow for creating and delivering broadcast-ready content and a short post-production turn around per episode.

Drawing on the documentary-style of the existing episodes, you should be developing a flair for visual storytelling and use of music to compliment on-screen material. We expect that asset generation – for example, title cards, clips for social media and other visual aesthetics work – will be minimal, but we work collaboratively and are open to further creative development of the series.

We use DaVinci Resolve and experience is preferred but not essential. Additional experience with ensuring episodes are matched with provided subtitling is also preferred but not essential. Manually captioning or transcribing is not expected for this collaboration.