The City of Columbus Civil Service Commission 911 Emergency Call Taker Recruitment 2022

The deadline for submissions is Continuous

The City of Columbus Civil Service Commission 911 Emergency Call Taker Recruitment 2022

The Columbus Civil Service Commission has opened its 2022 Recruitment portal for qualified individuals to apply for the position of 911 Emergency Call Taker. Under general supervision, receives and handles incoming requests for emergency police, fire, and/or medical services; performs other duties as assigned.

Salary: $22.07 – $29.63 Hourly

Job type: Full-time

Position Description

  • Uses a computerized emergency communications console;
  • Using an improved 911 system, non-emergency, TDD or TYY, and other telephone lines, responds to and handles inbound calls for emergency police, fire, and/or medical services;
  • Answers cellular 911 calls and uses available resources to determine the location of the incident; transmits calls to appropriate jurisdictions as necessary.
  • Receives and reacts to text message (SMS) requests for emergency services;
  • Views automated identification and location systems as well as available resources to confirm the correct address or location of the emergency occurrence.
  • In accordance with normal procedures, uses emergency medical dispatch protocol software to solicit answers from callers to particular queries.
  • Asks callers questions to gather information in order to appropriately assess the type and priority degree of emergency, allowing for the most appropriate emergency response.
  • Views many computer monitors, GIS systems, maps, and computer-assisted dispatching systems;
  • Inputs data into a computer according to a predetermined protocol;
  • Callers are given pre-arrival instructions on what to do until emergency personnel arrive on the scene.
  • Obtains information from reference materials such as maps, directories, and street locators in order to accurately refer citizens to other agencies or jurisdictions;
  • Responds to police officers’ and other authorized personnel’s inquiries using a computerized national, state, and regional crime information system;
  • Non-emergency calls are routed to the appropriate agency or jurisdiction.
  • To ensure proper emergency response, takes appropriate follow-up actions in response to hang-up calls.
  • Callers may be kept in touch with until emergency response units arrive.
  • May give trainee-level staff with training, mentoring, or coaching, as well as complete training documentation;
  • It’s possible to write informal written reports.

Minimum Requirements for the The City of Columbus Civil Service Commission 911 Emergency Call Taker Recruitment 2022

  • Graduation from the twelfth grade. In lieu of a high school diploma, a certificate of high school equivalent (GED) will be recognized.
  • Important Note
  • 911 Emergency Call Takers will receive specialized training and must obtain and maintain Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certification.

Knowledge, abilities, and skills:

  • a good understanding of fundamental spelling and English grammar
  • knowledge of computer data entering processes in general
  • 4,000 keystrokes per hour data entry skill
  • ability to listen and understand information while inputting data rapidly and accurately on a keyboard
  • hearing, understanding, and accurately trancribing of spoken information
  • ability to work in a high-stress situation and under duress
  • in emergency or crisis situations, the ability to think and act rapidly and calmly
  • capacity to swiftly examine and prioritize information
  • the capacity to use a computer and related applications
  • on several computer screens, the ability to examine, read, and verify the accuracy of information
  • ability to communicate clearly and succinctly
  • ability to adhere to directions
  • ability to remember things
  • capacity to use a map or a street finder
  • ability to locate major thoroughfares
  • landmarks in nature
  • major structures, and institutions
  • understanding and communicating conventional descriptions of people and vehicles
  • the ability to form and sustain productive working relationships
  • ability to keep calm and converse successfully with callers who are bewildered, agitated, emotional, aggressive, or otherwise not in their right mind

Contact Information for the Test/Job

ANNOUNCEMENT OF COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION: The names of applicants who pass this administration of the exam will be MERGED with the names of applicants on the existing eligible list, according to score. If you want to be included on the eligible list, you must apply for this exam during the filing period and pass all steps of the testing process. If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact the Applicant and Employee Services Unit at (614) 645-8301. A computerized job simulation exam encompassing Decision Making, Data Entry, Call Summarization, Memory Recall, Prioritization, and Spelling will be used in the testing process. To continue taking the rest of the test, candidates must average 3500 keystrokes per hour (KPH) on the data input subtests.

The exam will most likely be given numerous times throughout the year. Approved applicants will get notification of their test date and time through mail or email.

To get a final score, all applicants must complete all parts of the exam process. Unless the eligible list is replaced before to or extended beyond the two-year period, the names of all applicants who pass this examination will remain on it for two years.

The recruiting process will include one or more interviews, a criminal background check, and a pre-employment drug test if a candidate’s name is certified and the candidate is to be considered for employment.

The hiring procedure for any post within the Division of Police will also entail a lengthy personal history questionnaire and a polygraph examination.


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