TFT-Network Teacher Participatory Action Research (TPAR) Mentoring Scheme-2023

Deadline: April 30, 2023.

TFT-Network Teacher Participatory Action Research (TPAR) Mentoring Scheme-2023

Are you interested in mentoring teachers and in designing and carrying out participatory action research?

Teachers for Teachers Network (TFT-Network) is a voluntary teacher support group. As an open space for teachers’ professional development, the network supports teachers through mentoring, research, workshops and exchanges of ideas and stories. We collaborate with teachers and schools for changes in pedagogies, materials, knowledge, attitudes, and policies to create an equitable, inclusive, and quality learning space within and beyond the classroom.


The main purpose of TfT Network is to create a collaborative space for teacher researchers, teacher educators, and teachers, particularly from the Global South, to promote evidence-/research-based, participatory, context-specific, and transformative pedagogies, ideologies, and epistemologies that recognize the identities, skills, and ways of learning of the students from diverse linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

TFT Network aims at empowering teachers by engaging them in exploring and addressing their own classroom problems.

Call for application!

TfT Network invites a limited number of applications from teacher educators and in-service English language teachers in Nepal for a teacher research mentoring scheme. The teacher educators/teachers, who are interested in this scheme will receive mentoring support to design, implement, and disseminate (e.g., writing the report) their action research. The participants will carry out their participatory action research in the following three major areas:

  • Multilingual pedagogies, translanguaging strategies, and culturally responsive pedagogies
  • Critical pedagogies, social justice, and problem-based learning
  • Indigenous knowledge, community learning, and creative performances (arts, drama etc.)


  • Applicants teach/train pre-service/in-service teachers at universities/local training centers (such as ETCS/Municipalities).
  • Applicants teach in a community school in Nepal.
  • Applicants are committed to carry out participatory action research in their class/school/university/training centers.
  • Applicants commit to mentor/support 3-5 teachers to conduct participatory action research in local schools/campuses.
  • Applicants commit to attend online mentoring sessions.
  • Applicants will disseminate their research findings at conferences or teacher networks.

To apply, scan the QR code at the bottom of the page or submit your expression of interest in 500-1000 words describing why you are interested in the scheme to [email protected]

TFT-Network Teacher Participatory Action Research (TPAR) Mentoring Scheme-2023

The deadline is April 30, 2023.

Selected candidates will work collaboratively with their mentors who have experienced in mentoring teacher research.

Teacher educators and teachers who successfully complete the scheme will be awarded with a certificate of completion. If you have any queries and questions, please feel free to write to us at [email protected]