STI Secretariat Grant 2022 | Only Ugandans

Deadline: May 5, 2022, 11.59pm EAT

STI Secretariat Grant 2022 | Only Ugandans

The Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Secretariat is mandated to support scientific innovations along prioritized industrial value chains to increase productivity, import substitution and export of knowledge-based products and services.  Toward this goal, the STI Secretariat now calls for applications from individuals/institutions targeting Grant awards for R&D and innovations (process, products, technology, or business models) in the following Thematic Areas:

Export Promotion
  • Value Addition to Banana (Fruits, Stem, Leaves or any other parts)
  • Value Addition to Irish/Sweet potatoes
  • Value Addition to Cassava
  • Value Addition to Shea Butter
  • Value Addition to Coffee
  • Value Addition to Tea
  • Value Addition to the Mulberry Tree (other than Silk)
  • Mechanization of Indigenous Products such as Mats, Crochets, Backcloth, Leather etc
  • Mechanization of Peeling (Banana, Pineapple, Mango, Potato etc)
  • Packaging and Branding of Local Products
  • Value addition to Mushrooms
Productivity Acceleration
  • Innovations that Support the Parish Development Model
  • Value Addition to Fish
  • Local Production of Concentrates for Animal Feeds
  • Feed Materials for Black Soldier Fly Larvae
  • Local Production and Commercialization of Organic Pesticides and Fertilizers
  • Local Production of Eco-friendly Multi-purpose Mobile Farm Tools (ploughing, harvesting, threshing, weeding, juicers, etc)
  • Low-Cost Irrigation Systems
Import substitution
  • Local Manufacture of Equipment and Supplies for Secondary School Laboratories
  • Innovations in Alternative Soap Manufacturing Processes and Inputs
  • Value Addition to Eggs
  • Industrialization of Local Textile/Garments
  • Industrialization of the Local Bamboo Value Chain
  • Organic Cosmetics
  • Substitutes for Wheat
Infrastructure Innovations
  • Innovative Eco-friendly Office Spaces
  • Beneficiation of Mineral Ores
  • Locally Developed Alternative Construction Materials
  • Materials Research
  • Innovative Petrochemical Products
  • Innovations in Manufacturing Systems
  • Locally Manufactured Renewable Energy Production System
Pathogen Economy
  • Innovations to Control Crop Pests and Diseases
  • Modeling and Sentinel Surveillance Tools for Disease Tracking in Uganda
Industry 4.0+
  • Design and/or Manufacture of Microchips
  • E-Communication Platforms
  • Educational Platforms for STI Mentorship and Skilling
  • Artificial Intelligence/Internet of Things Applications for Manufacturing, Health, Agriculture, Security, Commerce, Finance, Energy Systems etc
  • Locally Developed Tools and Systems for E-Government
  • Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Industrial Application
  • Localization of Supply Chain for Automobile Parts (Engine, Seats, Glass, Electronics, etc)
  • Skilling of Informal Sector to Feed Automobile Value Chain.
  • Electric-Powered Carts for People and Goods
Aeronautics and Space
  • Locally Developed Products from Satellite Data
  • Building Satellite Subcomponents from Re-useable E-waste
Human Capital Development
  • Innovative Systems for Rapid STI Human Capital Development

ELIGIBILITY for the STI Secretariat Grant 2022 | Only Ugandans

  • Only Ugandans or Ugandan owned businesses can apply.
  • Innovators/Researchers must be affiliated to an institution (academia/research) or legally registered businesses in Uganda. Individuals with no affiliation to legal entities will be attached to suitable institutions.
  • The evaluation team will be on the lookout for novel/groundbreaking ideas even if they are not well formed at the application stage. In this case, the STI Secretariat will support the innovator(s) to refine ideas and form research teams.
  • An innovator/researcher must not be a lead applicant on more than one application, but they can be part of at most 2 applications.
  • Innovations that show ecosystem/multi-sectoral engagement shall have an advantage
  • The grant is not meant to supplement projects that already have funding from other sources. However, innovators can provide strong justification for additional funding to ongoing work if funding gaps are justified.
  • Staff of the STI Secretariat are not eligible to apply.

APPLICATION PROCESS for the STI Secretariat Grant 2022 | Only Ugandans

  1. Complete the online Application form by May 5, 2022 at 11:59pm EAT
  2. Complete and upload the Budget, using the template Budget_Template.xlsx
  3. Upload letter of support from Line Supervisor or Head of institution/business
  4. Upload certificate of registration (for businesses)
  5. Upload National ID of lead applicant
  6. Upload CVs of core team members in one attachment
  7. Upload Supplementary material (images, video) to further explain your innovation (optional)
Alternatively, print and deliver your application in a sealed envelope to: 
Plot 106, Katalima Road, Naguru,
For more information: Visit Source