Societies and Cultures Institute (SCI) Development Fund Internal Call Document 2022/23

Deadline: Mon 5 September, 2022.

Societies and Cultures Institute (SCI) Development Fund Internal Call Document 2022/23

The International Institute for Cultural Enquiry (IICE) is transitioning to become the Societies and Cultures Institute (SCI) on the 1st August 2022, with a new website being launched in winter 2022. The Societies and Cultures Institute sits within the new Faculty of Humanities, Arts and the Social Sciences and has become the fifth cross-disciplinary UoE Institute.

Two previous rounds of Development Funds have been awarded by IICE and the projects supported can be found here.

We have a maximum of £30,000 to award through the Development Fund in academic year 2022/2023. This can support an individual project with a maximum value of £7,000.

Aims of the Societies and Cultures Institute (SCI) Development Fund:

To support HASS led challenge-facing and curiosity driven interdisciplinary research, by enabling HASS PIs to develop collaborations and partnerships, test innovative ideas or build an evidence base.

It will provide vital development funds for emerging research projects that address challenges in a disruptive and innovative manner and have the potential to be submitted to an external funding Call within one year of the Development Fund period ending.

In 2022/23 the aim is to support at least:
  • One project that are a HASS- STEMM collaboration.
  • Two projects that specifically develop international partnerships.

Eligible Activities:

Applications can be made for activities to develop research projects for up to £7,000 and ALL awarded money must be spent by 31st July 2023.

The funding can cover all Directly Incurred costs, including:
➢ Travel and subsistence
➢ Fieldwork and consumables
➢ Website/marketing costs
➢ External engagement/networking activities (workshops, conferences, seminars etc)
➢ Outreach activities (exhibitions, community engagement, public lectures and visiting speakers etc)
➢ Contribution to an Intern placement

Please note:

1. This does NOT need to go through your Research Services Cluster for costing or approval.

2. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they have approval from their department to conduct the research should their project be awarded.

Assessment Criteria:

All projects must be:

1. Interdisciplinary: Applications must include a minimum of TWO co-applicants from different HASS disciplines OR at least ONE co-applicant from a STEMM discipline.

2. Challenge-led or curiosity driven: All projects must clearly show a response to a cultural or social priority or problem. This can be at an international, national or regional level.

3. External partnerships: Applications must have the potential to aid the development of at least one external partnership.

4. Aware of the ethical considerations and any ethical approvals needed.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

1. Research Excellence:
– How novel is the research idea?
– Does it respond clearly to a cultural or social priority or problem?
– How impactful could the research be?
– What scope is there to submit to an external funding call?

2. Interdisciplinarity:
– What advantages does working with the chosen collaborators bring to the research?
– Are inter-disciplinary methods providing a disruptive or innovative approach?
– Are the collaborators appropriate to deliver the aims, objectives and chosen methodology?

3. Value for money:
– Are the resources that have been asked for essential to test innovative ideas or build an
evidence base?
– How realistic is the potential to develop external partnerships?
– Are the resources that have been asked for enabling international partnerships to develop or a HASS-STEMM collaboration?
– Are the resources that have been asked for likely to position the PI to be able to apply to an external funder?

4. Ethics:
– Have details of any ethical approvals needed been explained?
– Have details of any special ethical issues arising from this research been explained?

Submitting Applications

All applications must be submitted using the Societies and Cultures Institute (SCI) Development Fund Application Form 2022/23, adhering to the word limits for each section.

Please submit by email to [email protected].

For more information, please visit here!