Residency Program 2022 for Writers, Artists and Researchers – Worldwide

Deadline: 6th of July 2022.

Residency Program 2022 for Writers, Artists and Researchers – Worldwide

Arteles Creative Center runs annually 4 residency programs, welcoming over 120 selected artists per year. Our residency programs bring together creative minds & professionals from all over the world, from all fields of creativity.

The residency programs take place at Arteles Creative Center, in the beautiful landscapes of Hämeenkyrö, Finland. We host usually 12–13 artists per month, in carefully selected multidisciplinary groups. The residency periods last 1-2 months. Program details vary depending on the program.

Freedom for Creativity

The main value of Arteles is to give freedom for creativity. We provide our artists an inspiring and supportive environment, with no stress or pressure coming from the outside. We embrace personal growth, mindfulness and long-term progress, and therefore our focus is in the artist and their individual aims and being, not only in production and career.

Our facilities, staff and wide selection of creative equipment & gear support the artists’ individual ways of working. We understand that creative process is always in a state of flux, and we encourage taking things bravely beyond the conventional – out of the box.

Periods: 1 month
When: October November 2022
Where: Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Included in your stay at Arteles Creative Center:

For creative practice:

For everyday life:

  • private bedroom suitable also for working, incl. towels and bedlinen
    (Note: There are working desks also in the bedrooms.)
  • fully equipped kitchen facilities
  • traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
  • meditation / yoga space with matts, cushions & benches
  • residency car (with automatic gears) for getting around the region
  • bicycles
  • wifi in all spaces
  • laundry facilities

For starters:

  • pick-up service for arrivals and departures — See how to get here
  • orientation & introduction to get you settled in
  • assistance in practicalities

Who should apply – Residency Program 2022 for Writers, Artists and Researchers – Worldwide

Creative individuals who want to freely focus on their own thing, for example on:
– writing: draft / develop / finish your book, novel, screenplay, poetry collection, comics..
– studying & reading: thesis, phd, research…

– thinking & reflecting: sketching, journaling, notebook working…
– creating: new body of work, project…

The program welcomes applications from writers, artists, designers, researchers and scientists widely from different backgrounds, fields and language areas. Both, established and emerging creative individuals are welcome to apply.

No predetermined project plan is required, as we understand that when working in the creative field, your subjects and interests tend to change and evolve along the way.

In the selection process, an emphasis is put on applicant’s motivation and need for the program.


– You must be at least 23 or older to apply (in 2022)
– Only individual applicants may apply to this program (If wanting to apply us as a duo, please send two individual applications and mention about it at the “extra notes”-box of the application)
– Children are not permitted in the residency


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