Press and Society Institute (IPYS) Javier Valdez Latin American Investigative Journalism Award 2022

Deadline: June 30, 2022.

Press and Society Institute (IPYS) Javier Valdez Latin American Investigative Journalism Award 2022

IPYS –The Press and Society Institute (IPYS) announces the 2022 edition of  the “Javier Valdez” Latin American Investigative Journalism Award , aimed at stimulating professional excellence in this specialty. The organizers want to encourage greater transparency from governments, businesses and the media. The award is open to all research topics on matters of public interest.

Journalists may apply in their personal capacity or as an investigative team, with one or more works published in a media outlet in Latin America and the Caribbean, either in Spanish, Portuguese or English. The research teams will designate a representative when registering.

Works published between September 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022, in print, radio, television or electronic media participate, certifying their broadcast during that period. Media or companies do not compete and books are not admitted. Research published without a signature, or under a pseudonym, will be admitted with a certification of authorship issued by the media. Associations, civil society organizations, academic institutions or the media can apply for one or more jobs for a journalist if they meet all the requirements of the bases.

AWARD CRITERIA – Press and Society Institute (IPYS) Javier Valdez Latin American Investigative Journalism Award 2022

The Qualifying Jury will confirm, in the first place, that the work presented is an investigation, that is, that it discovered one or several relevant news events from its own and systematic journalistic search. The Executive Summary required in these rules is one of the sources of information for the jury. The importance and impact of the discovery will be valued as virtues, as well as the qualities of the search that led to the discovery.

The winner receives a prize of US$5,000 (five thousand US dollars).


The materials will be sent in digital formats. In all cases, the organization will receive the applications via email: [email protected] / [email protected] . Applications sent physically to the postal address are not accepted.

Along with the participating work, a digital photograph of the author and an Executive Summary of the research must be sent, which must develop the following information in no more than 2,000 words:

1. Title, means of publication, name and brief resume of the author.
2. Investigation disclosures, numbered.
3. Methodological description of the research: explaining its origins, hypotheses, types of search and sources, the resources used and the time the work took.
4. Problem of the investigation: Why was a journalistic investigation required to obtain the information? – Social impact that the work had after being published.


Works will be received electronically until June 30, 2022. Once an application is accepted, the organization will confirm it to the recipient via email.


The names of the journalists who are members of the Qualifying Jury will be announced after the application stage.


The organizers of the Award reserve the right to request, at any stage of the evaluation and selection process, additional information about any applicant work.


By participating in the award, the organizers are granted the right to use the name, work, voice and image of a nominee without compensation, to promote and publish everything related to the awards program, the award ceremony and any other material. related to its dissemination in any medium, including the IPYS Research Bank.

The process of nomination and selection of the awards is carried out in compliance with the applicable laws regarding the protection, privacy and data security.