One America Movement Executive Office Summer 2022 Internship Program – United States

Deadline: May 27, 2022.

One America Movement Executive Office Summer 2022 Internship Program – United States

At this time in our country’s history, America faces a crossroads. Will we let toxic polarization continue dividing us, pitting Americans against each other in a race to the bottom? Or will we stand together to rebuild our country and our communities, working together across religious, racial, and political divides to build a stronger, more united country?

If you want to be part of building that kind of country, join us! The One America Movement brings people together across religious, racial, political, and cultural divides to address pressing issues in their communities. We train religious leaders on the science and dynamics of division, empowering them to lead their communities through this difficult climate of division and fear. We are building a national movement of Americans who are frustrated with broken politics and divisive narratives and believe we can do better.

Our diverse board, staff, and leadership circle represent the broad diversity of constituencies we engage. We are committed to hearing – and acting on – the views and experiences of a range of individuals and building a uniquely dynamic and diverse organization that challenges itself even as it challenges the country.

Work with the One America Movement to gain an understanding of how toxic polarization works and why it matters.

The One America Movement Executive Office of the CEO is currently accepting applications for Summer 2022 interns in our Washington, D.C. offices. We invite you to apply to work alongside CEO Andrew Hanauer of One America Movement in the Washington, D.C. executive offices.

Summer interns will:

  • Executive Support: Learn the ins and outs of our CEO’s office and support the CEO in fundraising and/or executive support, depending on the intern’s interests.
  • Grant Experience: Gain experience in the areas of grant research, formatting, and layout of documents for submission or presentation.
  • Program Experience: Spend time in program design and donor engagement and get a glimpse inside the executive office.
  • Scheduling: Learn how to schedule and connect with organizational partners.
  • Research: Gain access to leading research sources to effectively research potential donors, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Administrative: Assist the Office of the CEO in long-term projects and administrative duties as assigned.

Qualifications for the One America Movement Executive Office Summer 2022 Internship Program

  • At least 1 year of college education (required)
  • Strong writing and communication skills (required)
  • Proficiency with Google tools and popular social media platforms (strongly preferred)
  • 15 hours of weekly work availability (strongly preferred)
  • Strong academic or professional record (preferred)

Important dates:

Deadline to apply: May 27, 2022

Chosen interns will be notified of acceptance no later than June 15, 2022.

Contact information:

For questions about the 2022 One America Movement Executive Office Internship, please contact Steve Morel at [email protected]

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The One America Movement is a national nonprofit confronting toxic polarization in our society. We equip faith communities to confront division and work together across political, racial, and religious divides to solve problems that matter.