NxtGen Labs Agribiz Hub Graduate Training Program 2022

Deadline: 11th August, 2022.

NxtGen Labs Agribiz Hub Graduate Training Program 2022

NxtGen Labs is a private for-profit institution specializing in Coding and Robotics. Located in Lilongwe, Area 47 along Queens Road/M12 near Gateway Mall Roundabout. NxtGen Labs is focused on emerging technologies such as Robotics, Blockchain, Internet-of-things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. this program is being implemented with technical support from the Agribiz Hub also known as the LUANAR innovation and incubation center.

The goal of the program is to give graduates an advanced and deepened skillset in emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolutions. These technologies include Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things and Blockchain with a strong focus on real world applications to their fields of study.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will send a ripple effect of far-reaching repercussions throughout the labor-intensive field of agriculture. Combining artificial intelligence and big data will evolve into a high-tech industry that operates itself. These technologies allow for precision agriculture, such as yield monitoring, diagnosing insect pests, measuring soil moisture, diagnosing harvest time, and monitoring crop health status.

In particular, the Internet of things (IoT) will measure the temperature, humidity, and amount of sunlight in production farms, making it possible for remote control via mobile devices. It will not only boost the production of the farms but also add to their value.

In Malawi, agriculture significantly contributes to employment, economic growth, export earnings, poverty reduction, food security, and nutrition. Turning the country’s agriculture sector into a robust one is, therefore, a major development target for Malawi.

Right in line with the first pillar of the Malawi 2063 Vision which states that “We shall have an optimally productive and commercialized agriculture sector.” For our agriculture sector to meet these lofty goals there will be a need for increased use of modern technologies and farm mechanization. We see our Graduate Training Program as a small cog towards the realization of that goal by equipping graduates with skills and knowledge of cutting edge technologies and their application in the local context.


The program will last for 10 weeks and will require students to attend in-person classes at our labs at least 3 times a week for a maximum of 3 hours per day.


During the program

  1. Robotics
    1. Introduction to Robotics.
    2. Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).
    3. Project Design in Robotics.
  2. Machine Learning
    1. What is Machine Learning?
    2. Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
    3. Project Design in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Blockchain
    1. Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
    2. Blockchain applications in Agriculture.
    3. Project design in Blockchain.


  • This scholarship is currently open to students with degrees from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) who graduated in the last 3 years and are younger than 35 years old.
  • Students must be in possession of a degree in the following faculties, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Natural Resources Sciences, and Faculty of Food and Human Sciences.
  • Graduates are not required to have any prerequisite knowledge of Computer Sciences besides basic computer literacy.


MWK 600,000 (10 weeks)

Scholarship Opportunity: The scholarship is open to 20 Graduates and is a partial scholarship with 80% tuition covered by NxtGen Labs. Graduates will be required to cover the 20% which is equivalent to 120,000.00 Malawi Kwacha and can be paid in two installments.


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