MPW Missouri Photo Workshop 2022 Globally – If selected, the tuition is $600.

Deadline: June 15th, 2022.

MPW Missouri Photo Workshop 2022 Globally – If selected, the tuition is $600.

Applications are now open for the MPW Missouri Photo Workshop 2022. After two virtual years, the Missouri Photo Workshop will be back in small town America this September. We loved the remote work from around the world, showing us intimate picture stories from other continents and spreading the Missouri Method.

The goal and dream of the MPW Missouri Photo Workshop is to eventually make the workshop available with little or no tuition as we know photojournalism is a difficult occupation to begin and maintain.

What happens at the workshop? Faculty members will mentor photographers as they research, pitch and begin photographing their stories. This process preserves the time-tested experience of having a solid story pitch before doing the narrative photojournalism. Nightly presentations are timed to make relevant points for journalists along each day’s journey. By the end of the week there are 40 MPW documentary picture stories and two celebrations of the images. One in a public venue where the town, including the people you photographed, are invited to see what we’ve done. And a second private show for the workshop photographers.

NB: You’ll need a portfolio and a letter of recommendation. So, don’t wait too long for those letters. If selected, the tuition is $600. There are a few scholarships available, but we can’t support all 40 photographers via scholarship.

The Missouri Photo Workshop has been documenting small town America for over seven decades. Learn about the history of the workshop and the philosophy of its founder Cliff Edom, the father of photojournalism.

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