MESHA Biodiversity Podcast Program 2022 for Journalists and Podcasters

MESHA Biodiversity Podcast Program 2022 for Journalists and Podcasters

Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA)

MESHA invites journalists and podcasters to submit in-depth podcast proposals on efforts in place to promote, study and save East African biodiversity. Podcasts should aim for a length of 3-10 minutes.

The call is under MESHA’S Journalists Acting for Biodiversity Project (The JAB project) funded by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation.

The project seeks to underscore the important role biodiversity plays in our existence, society, economy and ecosystems. The mission is to create awareness of the status of biodiversity in our region and to profile initiatives by communities and organisations that seek to study, protect, value and preserve our rich heritage of East African biodiversity.

Topics under consideration

  • The critical importance of biodiversity to sustaining tourism
  • Community involvement in research and conservation efforts
  • Emerging issues and new innovations relating to biodiversity
  • Valuing ecosystem services (i.e. water regulation, medicine, food/fiber sources, soil fertility) of biodiversity to our society and economy Broadcast

The episodes will be broadcast on podcasters own platform, MESHA’s podcast platform and YouTube in both English and Kiswahili.


  • Primary beneficiaries of story grants should be local journalists focusing on environment biodiversity or those that have worked with MESHA before engaged in science-related reporting activities.
  • They recommend collaborative reporting that will involve more than one journalist and at least one scientist or researcher willing to share resulting coverage; MESHA is looking for proposals that seek to leverage their work for the greatest possible reach and impact.


The first deadline of the pitches should be sent to [email protected] by July 31, 2022.