Landscape Research Group (LRG) Fund 2022

Deadline: 1st April 2022.

Landscape Research Group (LRG) Fund 2022

The Landscape Research Group (LRG) is pleased to announce its 2022 Research Fund. The Landscape Research Group (LRG; is an international, independent and not-for-profit organisation. They work to advance interdisciplinary landscape research through dissemination, communication and exchange across global communities of interest. They do this by funding research and publications, collaborating on research projects, organising and sponsoring events, seminars, conferences and conference sessions, giving educational awards and providing expert advice. They also publish the peer-reviewed journal Landscape Research.

Funding Available

  • The LRG Board has allocated a total of £13,000 to the 2022 Research Fund. Applications are invited for an LRG funding contribution of between £1,000 and £5,000.

2022 Research Fund Theme: Empire and Landscape in Dialogue

Eligible projects

The Research Fund is open to projects dealing with any aspect of landscape, as consistent with the way that term is used and defined in our Research Strategy.
The LRG adopts a broad definition of ‘research project’ in this context. Projects should aim to produce, disseminate and/or use knowledge, understanding or insight, or to create opportunities and mechanisms which enable people to work towards these ends. We will consider proposals for activities including but not limited to: fundamental research; applied research; research & development; knowledge exchange; dissemination; and capacity-building.
Priority will be given to projects which include a strong element of collaboration and exchange which transcends individual disciplines; different sectors; and/or the boundaries between professional researchers, practitioners and the public. As a charity, the Landscape Research Group is particularly interested in funding projects with a clear public benefit.

Applicant eligibility

There are no restrictions as to discipline, sector or nationality. All applications will be assessed against the criteria specified below.
However, funds are limited and where the number of high-quality applications exceeds the amount of funding available, preference will be given to applicants who are LRG members (including those who have recently registered and whose membership registrations are pending).
The LRG wishes to support early career researchers and practitioners in the field of landscape and we encourage applicants at any stage in their career to apply for funding for projects appropriate to their experience.

How to Apply

Completed applications should be submitted to the LRG Research & Policy Co-ordinator, Dr Hannes Palang at the email address: [email protected].

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