LACNIC Líderes 2.0 Programme 2022 Now Open (Research Grant of $1500 USD) – Latin America & Caribbean

Daedline for submission: July 10, 2022.

LACNIC Líderes 2.0 Programme 2022 Now Open (Research Grant of $1500 USD) – Latin America & Caribbean

Applications are now open for the LACNIC Líderes 2.0 Programme 2022. NRI conversations about internet governance in Latin America and the Caribbean are currently transitioning to face-to-face meetings and the consolidation of arguments about community impacts. By initiating activities that help to spotlighting and improving essential and impactful topics, which in turn drive public policy, NRIs have become an increasingly important component of their ecosystems.

Líderes 2.0 will continue to prioritize work in-between sessions, under-represented communities, and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange while providing an increasingly consolidated platform for successful applicants’ voices to be heard, with the goal of furthering digital agendas with bottom-up, multi-sectoral public policy.

The 2022 Líderes 2.0 edition, now in its third year, will continue to provide critical support so that local Internet governance groups can conduct research on their chosen issues through grants and mentorships. It will help broaden understanding of such challenges in the area and beyond the world.


The purpose of this initiative is to provide financing and mentoring to applicants who are chosen to do study and provide extensive insight on subjects linked to Internet governance (IG) as perceived by their communities. These research initiatives will be displayed on LACNIC’s website and will contribute to a better understanding of IG challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Projects must be original and not repeat past research on regional IG challenges. Instead, they should work to improve current expertise in the topic. Unique and diverse viewpoints will be greatly valued. Former Líderes winners must wait at least two (2) years to apply for the program again. Previous applicants who were not chosen as winners are eligible to apply again.

Highlights of the 2022 Líderes 2.0 Edition
  • Access to USD 1,500 of funding
  • Access to mentors with expertise on global IG issues
  • Three-month period to conduct a brief research project
  • Findings can be presented in a single publication, videos, animations, a series of digital brochures, podcast episodes and infographics, or an original format of the candidates’ choosing
  • The final product will be uploaded to LACNIC’s website and it will be promoted through LACNIC’s communication channels
  • Regional acknowledgment of candidates’ intellectual property and their opinions on the issues faced by their community
  • Potential future participation in LACNIC’s Policy Fellowship Program, aimed at incorporating IG in several training instances and creating an institutional relationship with LACNIC.

Criteria for selection

These short research projects are expected to shed light on Internet governance concerns in Latin America and the Caribbean. When evaluating applications, the Selection Committee uses the following criteria:

  • Alignment with funded subject matters
  • Consistency in defining the issue
  • Originality
  • Diversity (geographical, gender, stakeholder)
  • Diversity of stakeholders (where collaborators are involved)

 Líderes 2.0 will not fund the following items:

  • Applications coming from outside Latin America and the Caribbean (participation in this region must be proven)
  • Political or religious organizations
  • Activities promoting existing research
  • Complements to other research grants – LACNIC intends to publish the entire final projects on its website
  • Profit-making activities
  • Research that has not been written by candidates will not be accepted.
  • Expenses unrelated to the research and the dissemination of its results


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