Kabarak University Internal Innovation Grants 2023

Deadline: 28th February 2023.

Kabarak University Internal Innovation Grants 2023

The Kabarak University Innovation and Business Incubation Committee invites innovators, both staff and students, to submit funding proposals for IP protection, Incubation and Commercialization of innovations, in partnership with the University.

The innovative ideas to be considered for funding must have been prototyped in order to be considered for the IP Protection, Incubation and Commercialization process by the University.

Selected innovations will be supported for any or all of the following:

1. IP Protection Copyrighting, trademarking, utility model registration or patenting.

2. IP Incubation – Development of commercially viable products.

3. IP Commercialization – Mass production / Deployment, Sales and Marketing.

Eligibility: All applicants are required to attend the full Online training Themed “How to Write Competitive Grant Proposals” scheduled for 9th February 2023 from 2:00-4:00 pm


Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA): The innovators and the committee will sign an NDA
prior to reviewing and discussing the submissions.

Review: The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts and if found to be commercially viable then the innovator will be invited for a demonstration of the prototype and discussion with the innovation committee on the subsequent steps.

Submission: Innovators are invited to prepare a brief proposal (Max 5 pages, 1″ margins, font 12, Times New Roman, single spaced) with the following areas clearly outlined as indicated below;

1. Name / Title of the Innovation

2. Problem / Challenge addressed by the innovation 3. A description of the prototype developed so far.

4. Target Market / Beneficiary of the innovation 5. Additional developments envisaged for the innovation.

6. Evidence or an indication of plans for IP Protection 7. Proposal for Commercialization of the Innovation

8. Workplan for the additional developments and commercialization of the innovation. 9. Budget not exceeding KES 500,000 for the additional developments and commercialization of the innovation.

All proposals should be submitted on https://forms.gle/Xcu7VM4CR12e2Prf6 by COB 28th February 2023.

Further inquiries on this process can be directed to [email protected] or [email protected]

Dr Moses M Thiga

Director, Research, Innovation and Research