Journalists in Residence (JIR) Programme 2023

Journalists in Residence (JIR) Programme 2023

The Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome (MLW) Programme ( is an internationally recognized centre for research and research training  funded by the Wellcome Trust and is an  affiliate of the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS), (formerly called College of Medicine.) Recognized the critical importance of communicating science and Research findings and l  noting the gap in the media sector in Malawi where there are few journalists with a specialty in Health Research reporting, MLW introduced the Journalist in Residence (JIR) programme. JIR started in 2016 with the aim of building capacity for local journalists in reporting health research stories; journalists are recruited into JIR through an open call for applications,  and  participate  in the programme for a period of 2 years.

About Journalist In Residence Programme

JIR project is a distinguished version of learning and capacity building  because it provides space for scientists and Journalists to interact and understand each other’s work as well as offering journalists a wide platform to practice health research reporting. JIR also responds  to current media sector needs since the formal Journalism and media training institutions in Malawi do not specifically train health reporters thus JIR fills this gap. This project also benefits individual journalists who participate in the programme as it provides professional development in the field of science communication.. In summary the project aims to achieve the following.

  • Supporting journalists to communicate about health research findings that can give the public knowledge on health issues by giving them access to researchers, scientific publications, and other news sources on science.
  • Providing a platform for a sustained interaction and partnership between Journalists and scientists, and other actors in science.
  •  To enhance relationship between researchers and the media and facilitate a two-way interaction between researchers and journalists.
  • To support journalists to write stories on MLW’s newest or most significant scientific research outcomes by translating them into newsworthy ideas.
  • To impart adequate skills and knowledge in science reporting in the journalists which they can use to identify and pursue health research issues of public interest and present the stories with accuracy, depth and impact to the public


The aspiring JIR member must have the following qualities

  • Must be a practicing journalist employed by a local or international media outlet. Freelance reporters should show evidence of their recent published work.
  •  Must have at least a certificate in journalism or media related field
  •  Should be Blantyre based