Jenga Haki Lab Programme 2023 for entrepreneurs in Uganda

Deadline: 30th April 2023

Jenga Haki Lab Programme 2023 for entrepreneurs in Uganda

Jenga Haki Lab is a programme that aims to challenge individuals to come up with innovative solutions around preventing or resolving certain justice issues using technology. The solutions are based on a theme that changes every year. We will be running 3 of these programmes in Uganda and Kenya this year focused on crime and land related problems.

The Theme for this round of applications is: 

How do you use technology to prevent or resolve land problems such as fraud and disputes in Uganda.


The Jenga Haki Lab programme offers a 5 week long programme that provides the selected teams with:

  • Match with like minded and talented entrepreneurs to build a solution
  • Training during the residential 2 day Jenga Haki Weekend. The training will be on;
    • Prototyping
    • Human-centered design or Designing for your User testing
    • Leadership and Project Management
    • Pitching and Presentation
  • Two weeks of product development sprints for the teams to design, develop and test their prototype.
  • Pitch at the Jenga Haki Festival in front of a 3 member Jury and stand a chance to win grant funding of
    • 1000 Euros to the Winner, 
    • 750 euros to the 1st runners up
    • 500 euros to the 2nd runners


The programme is suitable for individuals with Innovative solutions/ideas that can address land justice problems in Uganda including:

  • Land boundary disputes
  • Land fraud
  • Disputes over land ownership, transfer and land titles
  • Land evictions
  • Land succession disputes

Jenga Haki has also been designed to support teams hence all applicants must be willing to be in/form teams of 3-5 members. Members of the team must be above 18 years of age and residents or citizens of Uganda at the time of application.

Jenga Haki looks for teams that have:

  • 3 – 5 Individuals with a passion for justice and entrepreneurship
  • Multidisciplinary teams based on the following background/expertise:
    • Law/Legal
    • Business knowledge
    • Have a social science background such as sociology, psychology
    • Have IT or Software development experience

If you are interested in being part of the programme please apply today.


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