Fursa In Democracy Challenge 2022 for Kenyans

Deadline: 31 May, 2022.

Fursa In Democracy Challenge 2022 for Kenyans

Applications are now open for qualified Kenyans to join the 2022 Fursa In Democracy Challenge. Each year the National Youth Council undertakes a challenge towards International Youth Day 12th August 2022. In the year 2022, the IYD falls right after the August 9th General Elections which we consider to be transitional in that power and authority will be transiting from one generation to another. Therefore, the theme our challenge 2022 is “FursaInDemocracy Challenge”.

The Fursa In Democracy challenge will be spearheaded by The National Youth Council in collaboration with our relevant partners with the following offers:

On Demand Training

Skills development & Training- on a challenge driven solve problem approach


Relations & Resources to support Youth programs & Initiatives


Peer to peer learning & demonstration of skills to partner ecosystem


Intergenerational & intragenerational Dialogues.

Kenyan Youth Strength: The Kenyan Pyramid

Equal Access

The democratic process enables the Youth to have equal access to opportunities and resources

Equal Bargaining Power

Leveraging the electoral process which provides the Youth equal bargaining power

Collective Strength

Harnessing the population and unity of Young people being 75.1% to negotiate and influence for inclusion through county youth policies

How to Apply

interested and qualified persons should click on the link below to apply:


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