FEANTSA Youth Study Session 2022: Youth Work to Make Housing First For Youth….WORK!

Deadline: 30 June 2022

FEANTSA Youth Study Session 2022: Youth Work to Make Housing First For Youth….WORK!

Study Session Partners: FEANTSA Youth & Housing First Europe Hub

When: 3-7 October 2022

Where: European Youth Centre, Budapest, Hungary.

A study session is a 5-day course, designed with the support of the Council of Europe’s Youth Department. Study sessions depart from traditional courses by using non-formal education to encourage participants to share their experiences, stories and expertise on a given issue. As a participant to a study session you are an expert based in your experience as a volunteer, professional or student and will be encouraged to share your insights with colleagues from across Europe. A special attempt will made to select participants with diverse professional and geographic backgrounds to ensure diversity in thoughts and knowledge.

This study session will be jointly designed by experts from the homelessness sector working on Housing First for Youth, with the support of our educational advisor will be delivered in an interactive way through a non-formal education approach, where you will develop relationships & partnerships with other participants.

This will be the seventh in a series of study sessions led by FEANTSA Youth.

Our study sessions have provided an opportunity for young professionals from across Europe to come together to identify key issues in tackling youth homelessness and co-develop a series of solutions. The study sessions have led to a growing and dynamic alumni network with membership from across a wide variety of fields including social work, youth work, academics,
students, law, architecture, public policy (local and national civil services), NGOs and others.

The past study sessions have focused on taking a human rights approach to preventing youth homelessness while also developing and implementing an advocacy strategy aimed at raising awareness for youth homelessness among policy makers.

In October 2022 FEANTSA Youth will focus on Housing First for Youth (HF4Y). In 2017 we hosted a study session to help build the foundations for developing HF4Y in Europe, and this year we want to build on that work.

The aim of this training is to support the scaling up of Housing First for Youth across Europe, as a human rights based approach that puts the principles of youth work at the core of how to understand and respond to young people’s experience of homelessness.

Objectives: Participants will:

1. Develop a concrete understanding of human rights and youth work, with a view to how they can strengthen the delivery of Housing First for Youth.

2. Possess the skills to advocate for human rights based approaches and youth work in supporting young people in Housing First to their colleagues, networks, and other relevant actors

3. Co-produce new materials and resources to support upskilling and training of colleagues and peers within their networks to develop and implement Housing First for Youth;

4. Develop their youth participation skills to involve young people with lived experience and reflect on how the views and voices of young people can be integrated into their own workplaces and projects

5. Gain an understanding of the value of building effective coalitions of the actors necessary to establish programmes like Housing First for Youth as a means to reducing and preventing youth homelessness and social exclusion in their communities.

Eligibility for the FEANTSA Youth Study Session 2022: Youth Work to Make Housing First For Youth….WORK!

• Under 30 years old, a small portion of places are available for people over 30, but priority will be given to young people.

• Living in a Council of Europe member state

• Persons working with young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, or;

• Persons who have experienced homelessness

• Persons with experience in Housing First for Youth

• Persons with experience in Housing First, but keen to develop a Housing First for Youth

• Able to communicate in English

• Enthusiastic, energetic and prepared to engage in non-formal education

• Willing to commit yourself after the study session in order to plan and carry out coordinated work together with other participants and share your learning in your local context.

In addition to the above criteria, applications are particularly encouraged from:

• Non-European Union Countries, while also a Council of Europe Member State

How: Online applications are now open and will close 30 June 2022.

Application process: 35 participants will be selected by mid July based on:

• Motivation

• Knowledge of youth homelessness issues

• Experience of human rights-based approaches to social issues

• Geographic, gender and age balance

A maximum of 2 – 3 participants will be chosen from each country

Applicants will be notified if they have been selected or not by the end of July 2022.

Cost: Travel, accommodation and meal costs will be covered by the Council of Europe; a €50 registration fee will be charged for participants, this will be deducted from the travel expenses reimbursement.


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