Ethereum Foundation Initiative Fellowship Program 2022

Deadline: July 17, 2022.

Ethereum Foundation Initiative Fellowship Program 2022

Applications for the Ethereum Foundation Initiative Fellowship Program 2022 are now open and will close on July 17, 2022.The Ethereum Foundation Fellowship Program is a small forum for leaders who, during the course of 6 months, drive their own projects that use Ethereum as a public good destined to help billions of people coordinate and thrive.

Ethereum has already reached millions of people, but to reach the next billion, Ethereum must overcome many gaps in representation across cultures, nationalities, and economic classes.

The Fellowship Program is about bridging these gaps by identifying and supporting unique and talented individuals helping to enable Ethereum’s relevance and breaking down barriers to entry for those underrepresented people and communities who will become the future of web3.


  • Networking and community-building
  • Guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Potential funding
  • Exposure

Eligibility for the Ethereum Foundation Initiative Fellowship Program 2022

  • A Fellow is a leader committed to their own project that helps Ethereum become a tool of and for the next billion. Their project could be a decentralized app, a piece of research, a community building initiative, or something else entirely. Some projects might be part of a lifelong quest of the Fellow; others could be a brand new idea that is just getting started.
  • Whatever the project, whomever the Fellow, the Fellowship Program is focused on public goods that enable the flourishing of populations, communities, or individuals under-represented in the Ethereum ecosystem today.
  • A Fellow candidate must have a project that is mutually cooperative with the Ethereum ecosystem. It doesn’t have to directly integrate with Ethereum to qualify, but needs to be on-balance ‘good’ for the ecosystem and future Ethereum community.
  • The project can be just an idea, in early stages, or already ongoing. It can be building an application, research, community building, or organizational program/initiative. Whatever it is, the project must enable the flourishing of regions, populations, or communities that are underrepresented in the existing Ethereum ecosystem.


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