EMBO Global Investigator Network Application 2023

Deadline: 1 June, 14:00 CEST

EMBO Global Investigator Network Application 2023

The EMBO Global Investigator Network supports group leaders who, at the time of application, are within their first six years of setting up their laboratories in Chile, India, Singapore or Taiwan. Global Investigators receive financial support for four years for training and networking activities, providing them with opportunities to form collaborations with scientists in their region and in Europe. They become part of an international network of more than 700 current and former EMBO Young Investigators, Global Investigators and Installation Grantees.


Funds are available for EMBO Global Investigators for:

  • Visiting other research institutions to give a scientific seminar or to plan or continue a collaboration
  • Training in research leadership and management skills through EMBO Lab Leadership Courses
  • Inviting researchers to give scientific lectures at their institute
  • Sending members of their research group to another laboratory to carry out experiments or learn a technique
  • Organising joint group meetings with other laboratories
  • Attending or organizing regional or international scientific meetings
  • Attending EMBO Young Investigator Network annual meetings
  • Arranging lab retreats
  • Covering fees for publications in EMBO Press journals
  • Childcare support when attending conferences
  • Manuscript and grant proposal editing services
  • Professional development courses


Applicants must:

  • Have been group leaders of a laboratory for at least one year and for less than six years on 1 January in the year of the application*
  • Have an excellent track record
  • Perform life science research in an EMBC Associate Member State (currently India and Singapore) or in a country or territory covered by a cooperation agreement with EMBC (currently Chile and Taiwan)
  • Have published at least one senior author research paper in an international peer-reviewed journal from independent work carried out in their laboratory
  • Have obtained sufficient funding to run their laboratory
  • Not have applied to the programme more than once in previous years
  • Be able to attend a virtual interview on 28 November 2023.

*Extended eligibility period may apply under exceptional circumstances or for candidates with children. For detailed information on the eligibility criteria, please consult the application guidelines.

How to Apply

Applications to the EMBO Global Investigator Network are accepted annually via an online system (which opens by mid-March 2023). The application includes an online form and an offline form.

Please check the eligibility criteria and carefully read the application guidelines before starting your application.

Application process 2023
  • The application deadline is 1 June, 14:00 CEST. After this, the Global Activities Office informs candidates whether their application has been successfully received.
  • Applications of eligible candidates are sent to the EMBO Global Investigator Network Committee for screening.
  • Pre-selected candidates are invited to a virtual panel interview conducted by the EMBO Global Investigator Network Committee on 28 November.
  • A final decision is made at the EMBO Global Investigator Network Committee meeting, and candidates are informed of the outcome of their application by email.
Required documentation

The application for the Global Investigator Network consists of:

  • CV
  • Short summary of ongoing research
  • Details of home institute and funding available to the laboratory
  • List of publications and details of applicant’s three most important papers
  • List of lab members
  • Description of the applicant’s research plan
  • Three letters of reference

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