Derek Jarman’s Artistin Residency Programme 2022-23

Deadline: 5pm Friday 26 August 2022

Derek Jarman’s Artistin Residency Programme 2022-23

Applications are now open for the Derek Jarman’s Artistin Residency Programme 2022-23. At the heart of Art Fund’s campaign to save Prospect Cottage was an ambition to make Derek Jarman’s former home a catalyst for creativity. Through our residency programme, we can open the doors of Prospect Cottage for you to think, reflect, make and create. Inspired and energised by Derek Jarman, Prospect Cottage and Dungeness.

We are not seeking to set in a time warp a precious object of historical significance for posterity only: but, crucially, to resuscitate and ensure the continued vibrational existence of a living battery: to clear space around it and feed the energy of a resource that was only ever intended to be that. This is a vision not of taking but of giving.

Just as Derek was self-determinedly dedicated to process above product, to collective work, to empowering voices that might feel alienated, my excitement about this vision for Prospect Cottage lives in its projected future as an open, inclusive and encouraging machine for the inspiration and functional working lives of those who might come and share in its special qualities, qualities that, as a young artist, I was lucky enough to benefit from alongside Derek and so many of our friends and fellow travellers.

Tilda Swinton
Launch of Prospect Cottage Appeal
January 2020

Our residency programme is divided into 2 strands. You can apply for one or both of these strands. The residency programme offers month-long residencies to individuals looking to immerse themselves in the spirit of Prospect Cottage and the local area. There are just 4 residencies available which will be selected by a panel.

Alternatively, if you think Prospect Cottage is vital to you and your work but time-limited, please apply for a research and development visit. The R&D residencies offer individuals small pockets of time to spend in Prospect Cottage.

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Prospect Cottage Residency

In the spirit of Jarman we are seeking artists, outliers and creatives to undertake one of four, one-month long residencies at the Cottage. This unique experience is for people to develop their work without the pressure to produce results.

Residencies will be available to all individuals from a variety of disciplines including, but not exclusively, visual art, filmmaking, writing, design, poetry, performance art, theatre, gardening, activism, the LGBTQIA+ community, medical professions and more. We are looking for people who will respond to the solitude of Prospect Cottage and be inspired by the life and work of Derek Jarman and the Dungeness landscape.

There will be 4 residencies of up to 1-month long and the resident will be financially supported with a grant of £500 per week. These residents will be selected by the Prospect Cottage Residency Advisory Panel: Tacita Dean (chair), James Mackay, Ali Smith, Ying Tan, James Weddup and Alastair Upton.

For 2022/23, the focus for the residencies interested in ‘place and the locale’, especially but not solely, in Dungeness and Romney Marsh, its agronomy, architecture, churches and history.

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Deadline for applications: 5pm Friday 26 August 2022

You will be advised whether or not you have been allocated a residency.

Residency dates:

  • November 2022
  • January 2023
  • February 2023
  • TBC 2023

Research and Development

If you think Prospect Cottage is vital to you and your work, please apply for a research and development visit or residency. Visits can be for half a day and residencies might last up to a week.

In the spirit of Derek Jarman, no limits are placed on the practice of those wishing to visit but could include academic researchers, painters, filmmakers, gardeners, writers, activists or performers.

There is limited capacity for these opportunities. There will be a maximum of 20 per year. Applications remain open with no set deadline.

The selection will be made based on why Prospect Cottage specifically is vital for the visit or residency and the impact it will make on the applicant’s work. No output is required beyond a short description of your experience.

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