Clivios Organization Miss Charity Africa Competition 2022

Clivios Organization Miss Charity Africa Competition 2022

To build a movement of Be-YOU-tiful, Bold & self-aware African Woman.

Are you a model? Are you dedicated to be part of a movement of young women who advocate for gender equity and safe spaces for girls and children across africa?

Clivios Organization is a Community Based Organization founded in 2016 with a primary goal to improving the lives of Vulnerable Children and outcomes for Girls in Education, Sexual Health and amplify the voice of girls in climate justice. Since its establishment, it ensures that barriers to access to information on SRHR and Educational opportunities are broken for children and girls from informal settlements allowing these young people to enjoy and experience the fullness of life. Clivios vision is to enrich the lives of Children and Girls through partnerships, resource mobilization and direct investment in their well-being.

Miss Charity Africa, which is a special program under Clivios Organization, is dedicated to build a movement of girls or young women between ages 6 – 35 years to advocate for gender equity and safe spaces for girls and young women across the African Continent. Miss Charity Africa is not only a Clivios fundraising strategy but also an opportunity to train girls and young women compassion, leadership and advocating for self and others.

In 2022, the Miss Charity Kenya 2nd Edition is focused on Leadership, Peace and Gender equality, with a target to promoting women in leadership in the public and private sector and Lobbying for Peace in the electioneering period.

In line with SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) ,Miss Charity Africa work is through an integrated and holistic commitment to Transformational Development that is community-based and sustainable, with a focus on the potential impact on children and girls in society.

Competition Rules for Clivios Organization Miss Charity Africa Competition 2022

The winner of the competition must be confident. She must understand the values of our brand and the responsibilities of the title. She must have the ability to articulate her ambition. A model should demonstrate authenticity, and credibility and exhibit grace under pressure. The women who compete embody the modern, global aspiration for the potential to be the Miss Charity Africa

Each competition begins with preliminary interviews that include;

Resource Mobilization & Impact (30 % of total score)

Each contestant participates in a 6 Month (June-November) Resource Mobilization drive Campaign towards HEEAL. Resource Mobilization is a key aspect in the humanitarian space, which measures your ability to influence, communicate and make progress in various activities or projects you will be undertaking during your reign.

Presentation & Community Achievement in Interview (20 % of total score)

Each contestant participates in a private 10-minute press conference-style interview with a panel of judges. Contestants are questioned on their background as presented on their fact sheet, their educational and career goals, their opinions on current events, and social issues, and their interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. Scoring is based on communication skills, including personality, intelligence, validated opinions, emotional control, overall first impression, and whether the contestant possesses the overall qualities and attributes of a Miss Charity Kenya

Artistic Expression (15 % of total score)

Contestants perform a routine of up to 90 seconds of their own choosing (To be recorded and send on video before the D-Day). Possible talents might include singing, dancing, gymnastics, instrumental music, dramatic or comedy monologues, etc. Other talents that can be performed solo on a stage are also possible. Contact us if you have a question about your talent presentation. Scoring is based on the contestant’s skill and personality, interpretive ability, technical skill level, stage presence, and the totality of all elements, including costume, props, voice, use of the body, and choreography.

Social Media Presence (20 % of total score)

Each contestant will rally Family and friends in a 2-month online voting (all social media platforms) Each contestant will have a separate post on Facebook, and YouTube, and it will be determined by the level of engagement on comments with your followers. This is a measure of your ability to engage, interact, create a network, and influence

Lifestyle and Fitness (15 % of total score)

Each contestant briefly appears on stage in the workout attire of their own choosing. Scoring is based on overall first impression, statement of muscular physical fitness and health, display of energy, charisma, and expression, and sense of confidence and composure.

These preliminary events are significant as it will be the first time the judges and fans really get to know the participants. The preliminary competition is the driving force in selecting the Semi-finalists.

 All Participants will sign a code of conduct before the start of the competition.

The event concludes with the host announcing the winner. In the event that the winner is unable to fulfil her duties, the first-runner up will take her place.

How To Apply

Are you a model? Are you dedicated to be part of a movement of young women who advocate for gender equity and safe spaces for girls and children across africa? If yes, then apply below:


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