Climate Leadership Fellowship 2022 for Nigerians

Deadline: May 19, 2022.

Climate Leadership Fellowship 2022 for Nigerians

The Climate Leadership Fellowship initiated by Climate Smart Nigeria in partnership with Glow initiative for Economic Empowerment with support from Access Bank PLC is designed to provide expert training on climate change advocacy and leadership to a new crop of young Nigerian leaders to build national climate resilience.

The 10 week program will welcome and empower 30 leaders with expert training to lead change for climate action, in turn, the fellows will adopt schools and teach climate change across Nigeria. All fellows will receive a climate education toolkit and a certificate of climate leadership.

Climate change impact is ravaging the world. In Nigeria, severe cases of drought and desertification are ravaging parts of the north leading to conflicts from lack of water. Agricultural yields have been heavily affected causing high poverty rate. Extreme flooding, disease spread through contaminated water is reported in the south. The time is now to invest into a new generation of young leaders to lead change for climate action.

Program Outline

  1. This program includes two week intensive expert training on climate change for all select fellows
  2. All fellows who complete the intensive training will receive the climate education toolkit
  3. Afterwards, fellows will Adopt a School where they will teach climate change
  4. Fellows will be trained on how to tea
  5. Fellows will teach climate Change using the toolkit in select schools for a four week period
  6. Fellows will create climate change leadership clubs in the schools where they will work
  7. Fellows are encouraged to demonstrate innovation in the school community where they will work by carrying out small climate change project to drive home their teaching
  8. Two outstanding fellows who demonstrate innovation in Adopt a school shall win NGN 50, 000 each
  9. Top 5 fellows will win the Climate Champion Award

Benefits of the program

  1. Receive expert training from globally renowned climate activists
  2. Be trained as a climate change educator
  3. Receive a Climate Change Education toolkit to teach in secondary schools
  4. Become a part of the climate change awareness frontliners
  5. Gain access to free trainings and up skilling programs
  6. Gain work experience in the area of climate leadership
  7. Gain recommendations for fellowships or international trainings
  8. Receive a Climate Leadership Certificate

Who Can Apply for the Climate Leadership Fellowship 2022

  1. Youth aged (22 – 35)
  2. Demonstrated leadership for climate change
  3. Part of a growing environmental organization or youth corper
  4. Graduated from University
  5. Its OK if you’re not a part of an organization
  6. Passion to promote awareness for climate change
  7. From any part of the world but resident in Nigeria
  8. Selected applicants should be available and willing to teach climate change within their communities using provided toolkit, participate in the climate leadership expert training, submit a fellowship workplan and be available for all virtual meetings.

Participants are expected to:

  • Commit 5 hours per week to for the expert trainings
  • Adopt a school and complete the four-week program teaching climate change in schools
  • Demonstrate innovation during the Adopt a School


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