Center for Health Care Strategies Class of 2023 Medicaid Leadership Institute (MLI) Development Program

The deadline for submissions is July 11, 2022

Center for Health Care Strategies Class of 2023 Medicaid Leadership Institute (MLI) Development Program

Medicaid is the United States’ public health insurance program for low-income children, adults, and seniors, as well as people with disabilities. The program aims to ensure that people served by Medicaid have the best possible health and plays an important role in advancing health equity nationally as a source of health coverage for many individuals and communities with diverse identities and complex health and social needs.

The ability of Medicaid program leaders to use the policy, financing, and operational tools available to them while balancing federal and state priorities around fiscal stewardship, quality assurance, consumer engagement, and program integrity is critical to achieving this goal.

For competitively selected Medicaid directors (“Fellows”), MLI offers a 10-month intensive leadership development program. It is intended to assist selected Fellows in developing the necessary leadership skills to transform Medicaid systems and policy in order to improve the health of those who live in their states.

The program has five main components: Center for Health Care Strategies Class of 2023 Medicaid Leadership Institute (MLI) Development Program

A competency-based leadership paradigm entails the following: Fellows and their senior managers will be trained by experts using a curriculum based on a competency-based core leadership framework. This training focuses on inclusive leadership, with the goal of increasing support for leaders’ self-awareness, accountability for biases, and commitment to empowering others. Personal leadership and self-management, defining and managing strategic direction, engaging and motivating people, practicing excellent public administration, and driving and delivering results will all be covered in this framework.

Individualized leadership development for Fellows and senior staff members: For themselves and three members of their senior team, each Fellow is allocated a leadership coach. Coaching is intended to assist Fellows and team members in integrating newly acquired skills into their regular practice.

Mentorship and alumni connections: Each Fellow will be paired with an MLI alumnus who will serve as a mentor for the duration of the fellowship. Alumni will assist Fellows in developing their leadership skills, overcoming obstacles, and providing guidance and advise on their leadership initiatives.

Examining the concept of health equity: MLI Fellows engage with renowned health equity experts, learn about new research and best practices, and consider existing and future initiatives to better meet the health and social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries. This year, MLI will place a special emphasis on incorporating Medicaid members’ opinions and life experiences into the leadership development curriculum.

Communication skills development: Given the importance of Medicaid directors in communicating the impact of their programs on people’s and communities’ health, Fellows are trained in developing strategic communications for internal and external stakeholders, with a focus on telling the story of Medicaid’s value and amplifying community voices.

How to Make an Application

Medicaid directors from all states, territories, and commonwealths are eligible to apply. Applicants who have been in their current positions for at least nine months will be given priority. A total of six Medicaid directors will be chosen.

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