Call for Applications: INVENT Kickstarter Global Awards 2022 – Up to $20,000 (CAD). 

Deadline: May 2, 2022

Call for Applications: INVENT Kickstarter Global Awards 2022 – Up to $20,000 (CAD).

The network and its partners have established the INVENT Kickstarter Awards to provide funding to support
international study expansion of INVENT Endorsed Studies. These funds are intended to help Principal Investigators
of academic studies endorsed by the network to initiate new international sites at INVENT-member countries. The
goal is to support international collaboration by providing funding to enable start-up activities that are not covered
by the original primary funding for the study.

Eligible expenses:

  1. Research Ethics Board / Institutional Review Board fees
  2. Study insurance
  3. Salary for research personnel to prepare grant applications to obtain funding in the jurisdiction of the
    identified international collaborator (for example, but not limited to, applying for funding from the CIHR in
    Canada; NIH in the United States; European research funding agencies, etc.)
  4. Salary for personnel to prepare regulatory applications, introduce the study to local staff, liaise with local
    departments and prepare local study documents
  5. Central meeting costs
  6. Patient recruitment costs
  7. Ineligible expenses: Salary support for investigators and travel-related costs
Amount: Up to $20,000 (CAD)

INVENT Kickstarter Global Awards 2022 Eligibility:

  1. Principal investigators of INVENT-Endorsed Studies are eligible to apply. Both the principal investigator
    and a collaborating (lead) investigator at another INVENT-member country must be named on the application.
    During each award cycle, a principal investigator may only submit one application for a Kickstarter Award. Those
    who have submitted previous applications, both successful and unsuccessful, are eligible to apply to subsequent
    award calls.
  2. Have a clinical VTE study not yet endorsed by INVENT? You are eligible to apply, though an application for Study
    Endorsement must be completed concurrently and sent along with the Kickstarter Award application. The Kickstarter
    Award application will only be considered if the study is approved for Study Endorsement.

Relevant dates:

Applications are accepted and reviewed twice a year (Spring and Fall). The Spring 2022 submission
deadline is May 2, 2022.

Application and award selection process:

Please send a completed INVENT Kickstart Award Application Form
(below) by email: [email protected]. Applications will be reviewed by peer reviewers with no direct conflicts of

Award administration:

Kickstarter Awards will be sent directly to the collaborating (lead) investigator at the new
participating site, to be applied towards expenses justified in the budget proposal of the application.
More Information: If you have any questions or would like more information about the INVENT Kickstarter Awards,
please contact us by email: [email protected]

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