BART Digital Artists for Anime/Manga Style Arts Program 2022

Deadline: August 24, 2022 at 5pm PST! 

BART Digital Artists for Anime/Manga Style Arts Program 2022

BART is creating a roster of digital artists for anime/manga style arts projects. This roster will be used to commission artists to create a series of original anime-style mascots, along with related works which may include illustrations, comics (manga), physical merchandise, digital goods, motion-tracked character models (VTubers), short animations, and other media.

The goals of these projects are to promote public transportation in the Bay Area, share destinations accessible by transit, enhance communications efforts, and increase youth and weekend ridership.

Budget & Payment

The budget for artist fees will range from $500 to $5,000 per project. BART will handle any required processes and costs such as publication, printing, and production.

Payment is done after delivery of final product by credit card or check.

If a check is requested, the artist will need to submit an invoice and fill out a vendor/payee data record form which is required in lieu of IRS W-9. The form requires listing a mailing address and remittance address, and a social security number.

If payment is by credit card, the artist will submit an invoice and the artist is responsible for any payment fees.


This call is open to California based artists who create anime/manga style digital media. Individuals must be 18 years or older and live in California. Local artists residing in the Bay Area are strongly encouraged to apply and may be given preference for some projects.

Selection Process

Review Process: Artists will be considered for a range of opportunities as they become available. Artists will be shortlisted to the final roster of artists based on the compatible nature of designs and style of artwork submitted in the portfolio. The goal of our project it to promote public transportation in the Bay Area, share destinations accessible by transit, increase youth and Gen Z engagement, and increase weekend ridership. When reviewing portfolios, BART will be looking at diversity of styles that are family friendly, bright, and cheerful, as well as uniqueness of characters and representative of diversity and inclusion, and demonstrated experience, interest, and engagement in the digital space and creation of fan art.

Artist Shortlist: If you are shortlisted for a project or a set of projects, we will contact you from a email with full project details.

  • For some projects, familiarity with the SF Bay Area, BART, and/or the communities served by BART is required.
  • Some projects may require coordination with other artists.
  • If you are not interested, or unable to meet our requirements of a particular project, you will remain in the artist pool for future project opportunities.
  • If you are selected for a project, BART will credit you (with permission) for your work by using your artist name of choice on social media and on, however BART will own the copyright and assets. You are allowed (and encouraged) to put your work on your portfolio.

Application: Fill out the online form via Submittable with your information, a checkbox list of projects you’re interested in, and attach or link to your portfolio of anime/manga/VTuber style work. Your portfolio can include a range of works that includes fan art, personal art, and commercial art.

For more information, please visit here!