Aspiritech Internship Program 2022 – United States

Aspiritech Internship Program 2022 – United States

Aspiritech is a Chicagoland nonprofit founded in 2008 with a mission to empower neurodivergent individuals on the autism spectrum to fulfill their potential through meaningful employment combined with social opportunity. Aspiritech provides training and employment in quality assurance (QA) and software testing–vocations where the strengths of autism, such as laser-like focus, attention-to detail, and superior ability to spot irregularities, are often a competitive advantage and where neurodivergent individuals on the autism spectrum can excel.

Aspiritech Remote Internship Program:

Thanks to a generous grant from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF), Aspiritech expanded its training and employment model for youth with autism through AREA—Aspiritech Remote Employment and Training Academy. AREA helps autistic youth develop their employability and leadership skills through virtual screening and training with a goal to be hired to work remotely for Aspiritech or at other companies.

The Aspiritech Internship program, as a part of the AREA, aims to help autistic youth gain a basic understanding of QA by learning QA fundamental knowledge and developing basic QA testing skills. It also provides an opportunity to learn key soft skills that can lead to successful employment. Interns will gain valuable applied knowledge in QA. This can help determine if QA work is aligned with their career interests, abilities, and goals.

The Aspiritech Remote Internship program includes:

• 6-week remote summer internship, between July and August each year

• Introductory training curriculum in QA testing and soft skills development

• Weekly one-hour virtual class, self-paced eLearning with hands-on action items, required and optional readings, online discussion forums as well as access to Slack/Email for questions to the trainer • About 5-10 hours study work each week

• Weekly guest speakers from Aspiritech Operations, IT, Employee Support, and Management • Unpaid internship, as the tasks are for learning and not for our client work

• Training/learning tools: Aspiritech Learning Management System, Google Workspace and Classroom, Slack, and TestRail

• Internship is not a guarantee of an employment offer. However, it can increase employment opportunities.

Eligibility Requirements for the Aspiritech Internship Program 2022

If you meet the eligibility requirements below and are interested in being considered for the Aspiritech Internship program (summer 2022 or beyond), please complete this participation interest form.

Eligibility requirements:

▪ Autism spectrum diagnosis (ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS)

▪ High school seniors on a college track or current college/university students ▪ Passion for and comfort level with technology

▪ Motivated and willing to study independently in the internship program for about 5-10 hours a week

Desired qualities include:

▪ Analytical and problem-solving skills

▪ Dedication to continuous learning, quality work, and self-development

▪ Ability to communicate effectively in writing

▪ Observational skills, an attention to detail, and ability to maintain focus

▪ Ability to work individually and as part of team

How To Apply for the Aspiritech Internship Program 2022

If this sounds like you, please click the button below to apply.


Please know that completion of this Participation Interest Form does not necessarily mean you will be accepted into the Aspiritech Internship Program.

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