AICAT Diploma Scholarship Program 2023-2024

Deadline: 30th April 2023

AICAT Diploma Scholarship Program 2023-2024

The Arava International Center for Agriculture (AICAT) was established in 1994 with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture, Israel. The center trains over 1,000 students every year from Academic Institutes in 3 different programs: Diploma program, MSc program in Plant Science in cooperation with Tel- Aviv University and short term course in Advanced Agricultural Studies.

AICAT is pleased to invite students to participate in a professional and successful agricultural program based on “Learning by Doing “. The program is intended for undergraduate students in agricultural institutes mostly in Asia (Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, East-Timor) as well as Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya and South Sudan).

The program is held over 11 months (the whole agricultural season). Students live on farms in the Arava region where they are exposed to the high technologies and the advanced agriculture.


The AICAT program impacts on graduates lives in various aspects:

Social Impact: They become community leaders and agricultural mentors, change their way of thinking from a traditional way to innovative thinking out of the box.

Academic Impact: Students go back to their home countries with theoretical and practical tools crucial for their countries’ food safety and security and after pursuing higher academic education in Israel and abroad.

Economic Impact: Graduates establish successful model farm and business. Graduates integrate professionally in the public and private sector.


  • Plant biology and physiology;
  • Fertilization;
  • Soil and Water;
  • Introduction to Modern Irrigation;
  • Introduction to agricultural structures;
  • Plant Protection;
  • Flower Production;
  • Viticulture and Orchard;
  • Aqua-Culture Farming;
  • Animal Husbandry;
  • Innovation agriculture;
  • The challenges of Food security from the
  • ocean origin;
  • Food safety and security;
  • Agriculture Business Management;
  • Financial Analysis;
  • Marketing;
  • Agriculture entrepreneurship;
  • Business Plan;
  • Research project Methodology;
  • Computer Application;
  • Life Skills Workshop;
  • Research Project; and
  • Field Project.


  • Kenya Water Institute students who have completed their studies and awaiting to graduate.
  • Kenya Water Institute students who will be completing final year attachment by August, 2023


  • The program’s duration is maximum 11 months, during the agricultural season in the Arava, from August 2023 to June 2024;
  • Embassy of Israel in Kenya will issue visa once selected for the program;
  • Students MUST have a new ePassport;
  • Students MUST possess a laptop;
  • Students MUST be in good health condition and ability to withstand the harsh hot/desert weather in Israel;
  • Students MUST show proof of purchase of air return tickets (approx. Kshs. 120,000)
  • All the students MUST leave Israel at the end of the program.


Applications should be sent to: The Director Kenya Water Institute dropped at either main campus or at satellite campuses by 30th April 2023