Academy for Women Entrepreneurs 2022 for Nigerians– Apply online, check details & befits

Deadline: April 7, 2022.

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs 2022 for Nigerians– Apply online, check details & befits

Applications are now open for the 2022 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs. If you are a female entrepreneur seeking knowledge, network and access to successfully run and scale your business, this opportunity is for you.


  • Selected applicants will receive intensive training and learn practical skills needed to scale and sustain a successful businesses.

Note the following before applying:

  • Provide a brief overview of your primary business/organization, including the industry/issue-area focus, mission and main products/services. *
  • have business website
  • business must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • list of shareholders of your company who own equity, including their title and percentage or equity owned. Place a “*” next to the names of women. For example: Pamela C*, CEO, 35% (Cofounder) | Fredrick W, CFO, 25% (Cofounder) | Patricia W.*, COO, 10% | Aminat L*, VP Finance, 5%.
  • the program is a 1 Month intensive experience, which requires 7-10 hours per week of consistent training, including long periods of sitting during the In-person program.
  • name of your primary business/organization
  • describe your five major roles and responsibilities, including the decision-making authority you have within this business/organization.
  • total annual revenue of your business/organization’s products and/or services in 2020/2021 in NGN will be required
  • have a business plan and/or strategic plan in place
  • three challenges your business/organization is currently facing will be reqired
  • describe what you believe are your three main personal and professional strengths. For example, good negotiation skills / strong financial skills.
  • top three goals that you would like to address during this program  will be asked
  • How would you utilize the knowledge, skills and connections gained from the program after you return

Successful candidates will demonstrate leadership, not only in their companies/organizations, but also in their communities with an established commitment to “paying it forward”