2022 Hargeysa Cultural Centre (HCC) English Application Writing Course

Deadline: 23rd June, 2022

2022 Hargeysa Cultural Centre (HCC) English Application Writing Course

Students and early graduates are always tasked with the skill of writing persuasive application letters be it for further education opportunities or for job applications. Global
opportunities for education and career development are shared widely across the world. It is a concrete observation of Hargeysa Cultural Centre that applicants in Somaliland in most situations send application letters and cover letters that do not pass a clear and persuasive message. This comes in both the structure of the writing and the vocabulary used. This also is a problem that has limited the success of scholarship applicants from Somaliland.

It is in address this gap Hargeysa Cultural Centre is organizing a two weeks training on Application writing in English training as part of the pre-15th Hargeysa International Book fair training. The training will be provided by partner institutions with language skills development programs and the training will take place from the 2nd of July to the 16th of July 2022. The training will focus on assisting applicants in writing effective scholarship applications, job applications, CV writing, and motivation and cover letter writing. The end goal of the training is to develop the skill of application writing and enable participants to create a well-structured application letter in each area of their interest.

For this HCC invites applicants to send their applications for the limited number of seats we have based on the following requirements;

Application requirements for the 2022 Hargeysa Cultural Centre (HCC) English Application Writing Course

  • The applicant must have BA level graduate degree from a recognized university
  • As the course is an advanced skills level, the applicant must have a good command
    of written English language skills.
  • Applicant must send 2 of the sample application letters they have used in their previous applications Reference contact (email) of the scholarship provider they have made the
  • Applicants must send their CV and motivation letter
  • Applicants must have a membership card of the Hargeysa Cultural Centre

How to Apply

Applicants who fulfill the above requirement are encouraged to send their application to [email protected]

The application will be closed on the 23rd of June at 6:00 pm.